Detecting Website Problems with Google Analytics

It’s sometimes difficult to detect website bugs when they are only showing on select devices or browsers. Even when using browser testing tools like, it is possible for errors and bugs to slip by unnoticed, either because the display issue did not show in your testing platform or you failed to duplicate it while testing.

Google Analytics provides a good way to know when you need to dig further into testing to look for errors that need fixing under Technology > Browser and OS.

By looking for anomaly bounce rates among browsers and devices, you can identify when something needs to be looked at. For example, if on average, your bounce rate for Internet Explorer is 60%, but IE8 is showing 92%, you’ll know to dig deeper into what is causing IE8 users to bounce. JavaScript or CSS issues can be the culprit you have not previously detected while testing. Fixing these can recapture the attention of these visitors, and be an instant boost to online your marketing results.